QtExtended 4.4.2 : GPRS

Bartłomiej Zimoń uzi18 at o2.pl
Mon Nov 3 17:55:46 CET 2008

Monday 03 of November 2008 11:45:11 steffen.linux at gmx.de napisał(a):
> Hi,
> I've installed QTExtended 4.4.2, too. And this is the first image with which it is possible for me to get an GPRS connection. 
> I used the GUI for that and...yay it works on first try (okay...on second, on first it doesn't detected a "running network service"...after going outside
> (and getting a better signale quality) it worked :). So the software itself is okay...if your provider needs no login data (username/password) 
> write something inside these fields, else it won't work...(maybe a *)   

just flashed jffs to rootfs and have the same error!

Any suggestion?
Best regards
Bartłomiej Zimoń

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