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Mon Nov 3 18:20:18 CET 2008

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Hi Marco,

> My main question is how to manage the PIM. Will you wait for the FSO PIM
> implementation or is there any other way to manage contacts and SMSs
> (first of all) without using the SIM?

For now paroli only supports the SIM card, but as I said we are just at
the beginning and this is one of the first issues we have to solve.

> However, how will you merge tichy and paroli? I mean, I find tichy a
> nice project, but I don't like it to be used as a laucher, since we've
> already illume for it and ihmo it does a fantastic job.

The point is not really merging those two projects, but rather having
paroli inside of tichy as plugins/applications which allows paroli to
make use of tichy's scheduler. What that will look like exactly we will
have to determine and see what is best for paroli and the user.

> I already tried to run it on my device some weeks ago, but it never ran
> here :|

I just did a reinstall on my FreeRunner, was very simple and without
huzzle. The details can be found here:


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