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Marcel tanuva at
Mon Nov 3 18:26:09 CET 2008

Am Monday 03 November 2008 15:56:18 schrieb Marco Trevisan (Treviño):
> Mirko Lindner wrote:
> > Meet paroli. It will combine the technologies mentioned above in order
> > to provide a unique user experience on smartphones. The first priorities
> > for paroli will be the dialer, contacts, sms as well as the call history
> > functions. Later on we will start adding other nifty features and expand
> > project.
> My main question is how to manage the PIM. Will you wait for the FSO PIM
> implementation or is there any other way to manage contacts and SMSs
> (first of all) without using the SIM?
> Due to my old SIM card (small space), I never use it for saving
> informations, so I need a good stack to save my contacts (using more as
> more informations per person as I can provide) and messages. Qtopia imho
> provides a good way to manage the contacts (from an user point of view),
> Is it planned something of similar?

Yes, something more flexible than plain SIM memory would be nice.

> > Up to now I have been working my way through the efl, python, the fso
> > and how all those tie into one another. I had to discover that writing
> > paroli as a stand-alone application is very resource demanding we will
> > change the focus now and implement paroli as a tichy plug-in to make use
> > of the build-in python scheduler. The current source code in the svn
> > will be moved to a "old" or "pre-tichy" folder as soon as its
> > replacement is available.
> However, how will you merge tichy and paroli? I mean, I find tichy a
> nice project, but I don't like it to be used as a laucher, since we've
> already illume for it and ihmo it does a fantastic job.

I think so, too... Tichy is nice, of course, but Illume works already 
perfectly (at least for me) and I'm used to it. I don't know your exact 
problem, but wouldn't it help to use this python-interpreter-sharing thing 
that came up on devel (?) recently?

> > Paroli is meant to be a community project and as such needs your
> > support, codewise as well as your ideas and input on various subjects.
> I already tried to run it on my device some weeks ago, but it never ran
> here :|

Ran here, but it seemed not to be that usable yet. :)


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