DOOM For Neo Freerunner / 1973

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at
Mon Nov 3 18:27:27 CET 2008

SCarlson wrote:
>  #1 ) The sound hanging is due to the fact that the Doom Engine did not
> properly initialize the sound. So it hangs in the end when trying to exit (I
> get this periodically with my OM2008 distro depending on the state of the
> sound card (sometimes this happens after a suspend and resume). Is there a
> fundamental difference with Sound drivers between Debian and other OM
> Distros?
I don't know which sound system OM uses, but i think in debian we could
use many different systems. Default is only alsa installed and nothing
more. I also installed the oss-wrapper to get oss based applications

>  #2 ) The touchscreen being dead is probably because the X,Y Coordinates are
> either A) Being reported differently than the other systems or B) There is
> still a Scaling/Rotation issues BUG #1244 that plagued the other distros
> (Until recently, XGlamo patched binary (for scaling) available on the doom
> wiki) 
The coordinates are produced by a kernel module which is the same for
debian and OM. So i don't think that would be the problem. Bug 1244 is
not relevant because debian doesn't use xglamo. At the moment it uses
framebuffer or something like this. There do exist a xglamo package in
the debian repositories but i didn't find any usefull informations about
how useful it is.

> I will do some testing and see what Debian is reporting for Touchscreen
> coordinates. Also, Does Debian have a method for rotating/scaling screen??? 
As far as i know, without xglamo there is no way of rotating/scaling
without restarting the whole x11 system


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