Any hope for bug #666?

Konstantin Chaosspawn23 at
Tue Nov 4 00:33:44 CET 2008

> My Freerunner worked fine with my O2 Germany 3G card from October 2006 and 
> works fine with my new O2 Germany 3G card from July 2008. If you are unlucky 
> enough to have one of those non-working sim cards you have a good change to 
> get a working one (3G) by changing it in your local O2 store.

Actually, it's not quite that easy. I changed my non-functional O2 SIM in an O2
store, and got another non-funcional one ;)
But if you kindly ask if you may have a look at the SIM in advance, you can
check if the SIM has the problematic chip layout or not (see the bug entry in
trac for pictures) - worked for me.


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