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Denis Galvão denisgalvao at
Tue Nov 4 14:39:50 CET 2008

Are you running on Freerunner?

Ate least the kernel is up.

NMAP give me:

SCRIPT ENGINE: Initiating script scanning.
Host openmoko ( appears to be up ... good.
Interesting ports on openmoko (
Not shown: 999 closed ports
5555/tcp open  freeciv?
MAC Address: 62:29:80:2A:1F:94 (Unknown)
Device type: general purpose
Running: Linux 2.6.X
OS details: Linux 2.6.13 - 2.6.20
Uptime guess: 0.015 days (since Tue Nov  4 11:10:43 2008)
Network Distance: 1 hop
TCP Sequence Prediction: Difficulty=201 (Good luck!)
IP ID Sequence Generation: All zeros

Denis Galvão

Ajude a comunidade, compre uma camiseta!

On 04/11/2008, at 11:23, Cédric Berger wrote:

> On Tue, Nov 4, 2008 at 14:16, Denis Galvão <denisgalvao at>  
> wrote:
>> Same here, but I can ping
> It worked for me !
> I can reach main menu, launch apps...
> note that here I started without SIM card... will try with it...
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