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Marcel tanuva at
Tue Nov 4 17:13:50 CET 2008

Hello android folks :)
Could you please prefix your mails with [android] to enable others to filter 
android related mails?

Thank you,

Am Tuesday 04 November 2008 17:03:05 schrieb Quasar:
> It works fine on my FR too, although I faced a problem that might have to
> do with why it's not working sometimes: when I first started Android, it
> detected that my battery was empty (I'm pretty sure it's not) and
> immediately shut down, I tried connecting it to the charger and starting it
> again, and it worked.
> A couple of things to note though:
> 1. As mentioned previously, the call volume is too low.
> 2. Even with the FR charging, it continued to detect the battery level at
> 0%, so once I disconnected the charger, the FR shut down immediately.
> 3. I'm not sure if Android has a suspend capability, but looking through
> the settings didn't yield anything, so any feedback regarding this matter
> would be highly appreciated.
> This is a first release, and problems with (or lack of) features of less
> importance such as Wifi, and GPS, are naturally expected. But so far, I
> think I like the platform as a whole :-)
> Thank you Sean, great work...

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