new numptyphysics for freerunner is out

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Tue Nov 4 18:13:48 CET 2008

Aapo Rantalainen wrote:
> Hi all, Numptyphysics, this great physics drawing game, is reborn!
> (
> There are not yet new upstream release, but there are lots of new
> things in svn-repository. So we can now play numptyphysics0.2-svn109
> on our Freerunners. (Tested with Debian and Fdom).
> upstream news:  (
> -newer physics engine (Box2d v2.0.1
> -scalable window with commandline parameters (so every platfrom will
> use same datafiles)
> -faster drawing
> -more levels
> -action replays
> port news:  ( )
> -onSceenKeyboard (control-panel)
> -action replays removed (doesn't yet work correct with freerunner)
> -NextLevel-dialog-overlay is non-draggable (so clicking it is easier)

I gave it a try but I preferred the previous version because:
 - There are some crashes (i.e when drawing over the virtaul keyboard)
 - It's so much slower (when I played the previous version at 480x640)
   it was less usable, but the animations were really smoother
 - The virtual keyboard is very hard to use.

However thanks for your work...

PS: to reset the resolution on crashes, change the desktop file from:
 Exec=xrandr -o 3 && numptyphysics -geometry 640x480 && xrandr -o 0
 Exec=xrandr -o 3 && numptyphysics -geometry 640x480; xrandr -o 0

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