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Tue Nov 4 19:03:32 CET 2008

Andreas Willich wrote:
> I would like to if there is a command line tool for OM2008.9/Qtopia to
> dial a number.
> On my old phone I have constantly used its speed dial feature and I
> missed it on my FreeRunner. My idea was to simply create a new .desktop
> file to start the app with the number to dial.

I've put this in a /usr/bin/show-dialer.sh

qcop service send Dialer showDialer\(QString\) "$1"

Now I just need to create a desktop file with:
 Exec=show-dialer.sh "0123456789"
to run the dialer with the number ready to be dialed.

If you want to call directly a number you could use this "dial-number.sh":

qcop service send Dialer dial\(QString,QString\) "$1" "$1"

Using this script, the asked number will be called directly.

Source: http://doc.trolltech.com/qtopia4.3/dialerservice.html

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