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Tue Nov 4 18:55:00 CET 2008

SCarlson wrote:
>  Good evening everyone. I'd like to introduce the DOOM port I've been
> working on. Here's the
> wiki , where you will find some documentation and videos. Here is the 
> ipkg  file.
> I've implemented a full touch screen only interface for you Neo 1973 guys
> out there! Please see Finger-Tippng on wiki. (There is also a video demo).

It's so cool! It's really much more usable than Duke3d (ehy, why don't
you merge the accelerometer engine?! :P) and runs very smoothly...

By the way I've some issues to post:
 - I'd prefer to use the right thumb to shoot (as Duke3d); have you
   already set a virtual button for the bottom right area that
   generates a key-code to be set in the configuration?
 - I can't save the game, since it asks to input a text
 - sometimes the menu pop-ups while playing also If I'm not touching
   the touchscreen at all.
 - If the screen saver starts, Xglamo gives me a WSOD and I've to
   kill and restart it (if I've ssh) to continue using my phone.

For fixing the last issue (that maybe it's due to the fact that I'm
running a kernel with the Harald Welte patches for screen blanking) from
stable kernel branch), by the way, I've changed the launcher script to
temporary disable the screen saver. It works quite well, you can get it
applying this patch [1].

Bye and thanks for your great work!


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