[QT Extended] Observersation on QtE 4.4.2

Warren Baird photogeekmtl at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 20:40:04 CET 2008

I've been trying out QT Extended 4.4.2 for a few days now, and I thought I'd
share my observations so far:

  - Stability seems better than I originally thought - After my one
experience seeing it not wake up from suspend on a call, I haven't noticed
any other issues - I've received a fair number of calls and sms's, and the
phone has always woken up.

  - The biggest issue for me atm is that I don't get an audible ring tone
for either calls or sms messages - This is a regression since QtE 4.4.1 -
any suggestions on how to resolve it would be very welcome.

  - I've missed one un-expected phone call because by the time I noticed the
vibration and got the phone out of my pocket, all I saw was the dreaded
'view missed calls?'.   However, I think this is more related to the lack of
an audible ring, rather than the problem I saw in OM2008.8 where by the time
the phone woke up from suspend the call had gone to voice mail.   I was able
to sucessfully answer an unexpected call this morning, which I don't think
*ever* happened with OM2008.8

  - Battery life is *much* improved over OM2008.8 - I went more than 24
hours without recharging and still had two bars of battery left.

There are a few minor issues I've noticed:

  - the lack of an icon for the terminal in the apps list is annoying.
Does QT Extended provide a 'run' capability, which would allow a user to
directly enter an application to run?

  - 4.4.1 provided 3 different appearance themes - but 4.4.2 only provides
1, and unfortunately it's not the one I preferred.

  - speakerphone mode didn't work - I think this is also a regression from

Even with the various annoyances and regressions, QT Extended is the closest
I've seen so far to making my OM usable as a daily phone.

I haven't seen the behaviour I saw once with OM2008.8 and once with 4.4.1
where the phone gets into a strange state where it can no longer make or
recieve calls - we'll see if I bump into that one eventually or not...

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