[QT Extended] Observersation on QtE 4.4.2

Roland Kossel qtextended.kossel at web.de
Tue Nov 4 22:45:29 CET 2008

Hello Warren,


I also have the problem with the missing ring-tones. Just choose one you
copied to the file-system. It seems as if the builtin tones are just not


I haven't quite understood one point - does your phone wake up from suspend
when you get a call? For some people (sounds like everybody) the resume is
working - but not for me.


With "speakerphone mode didn't work"  - do you mean the acoustic feedback? I
found an AT-command which has to be sent at the beginning of each call. I
compiled a library including this command and the one that fixes the echo
bug and now I don't have any sound problems during calls.



Since I don't want to switch phones all the time, I am using the Freerunner
with Qtextended 4.4.2 in daily use. I'm still looking how to fix some
annoying stuff, but am already very happy with the system.



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