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Wed Nov 5 05:55:39 CET 2008

# Accelerometer Settings                                                                                         
accelerometer_ywindow        50
accelerometer_zwindow        55
accelerometer_yscale           90
accelerometer_zscale           4

These values were found from trial and tune. 
z = forward/backward
y = left/right

A neutral point is recorded  (y,z)  (When leaving the menu). The deadzone
defines the size of the area surrounding the new found center. Once outside
of this region, track the distance from the outside of the deadzone and
multiply scale factor. 

Thats about the jist. If you want to move around more, then I'd suggest
opening up the window on both axis (test these independently. And reduce the
sensitivity. The motion speed is directly proportional to the distance from
the deadzone (scaled).

Let me know if you improve the config!


Marco Trevisan (Treviño) wrote:
> SCarlson wrote:
>> Edit the .opendoom/opendoom.cfg file and goto accelerometer section.
>> There
>> are constants for the deadzone and sensitivity. If you need further
>> assistance, drop me a line.
> Yes I already saw these values, but I'd like to know more about them...
>> BTW. I believe the Z-Axis is tied to forward/backward motion and the
>> Y-Axis
>> is tied to left/right. (Per the CFG references).
> Thanks, I'll try this. However have you any example to riduce a little
> the sensibility?
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