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Wed Nov 5 11:23:56 CET 2008

On Wed, November 5, 2008 08:17, Neng-Yu Tu (Tony Tu) wrote:
> abatrour wrote:
>> OMG it works!
>> I was having the same problem with a black screen after the white flash.
>> I tried formatting the sd card as ext3 and it didn't work. But it worked
>> after i made 2 partitions, both ext3.
>> i am using the latest uboot on my gta2v5
> As I tried-
> * Must have a SD card inside the FR during Android boot, or it will just
> keep black (with backlight on).
> * The SD card format also required 2 partitions (first primary partition
> vfat/ext3 seems both work, second primary using ext3).
> My current Android setting is using the default 512 MB SD card comes
> with FreeRunner, 8MB for vfat, rest is using ext3.

Advice in OM community is to use ext2 on SD cards. Can Android cope with
this? Also, can it cope with only one partition?

Can it Android be more flexible regarding this and print messages when one
of the (implicit) requirements is not being met?

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