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Hi List, 
  LSCD is a LSC servo control project. We can using Neo to control the
LSC-10 chip and controls 10 servos at the same time. Each servo can
rotate 180 degrees, precision to 0.09 degree (0~2000).  Servo torsion is
from 7 kg to 300 kg. I think Neo is the perfect brain of this kind of
stuff. It has G-sensers, GPS, GSM, GPRS, SMS, bluetooth, wifi, and most
of all, it's all free. How many possibility it can be if we can let Neo

The project site is at
liblscd is the library in which try to open the LSC hiddev device, and
then control all the servos. The API is very simple. 
It is designed to support multiple chips. And it can detect chip types
to give correct controls. (Now there is only one type of chip. LSC-10)
pylsc is the python-binding of liblscd. 
It's origionally my personal project, and wrote this on my leisure time. 
Now I want to share this project with everyone. :-) Welcome to join. 
If you are interested in this project and want to help, please e-mail 
your google code account to me.

There is a robot legs demo
I used pylsc controling the robot through bluetooth network.

LSC chip and the servos are products of

  . I want to write a LSCD service of FSO, and connect LSCD with
frameworks's event daemon. 
  . I want to write another demo of legs in which get feedback from Neo's
acceleration sensers. Learning how to stand/walk by itself.
  . I want to build a modle boat (shorter than 1m), put Neo on that boat and let it
drive the boat. Sending om-locations' tag and let the boat comes. 
    Once done I will go to sun-moon lake and play with that. :P
  . Write more comments and using doxygen to generate library documents.
  . more ideas!!
  . more wiki contents. (I am too lazy ~_~)
  . maybe I will need to find a mailing list for this.

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