[debian] openmoko-panel-plugin 0.5

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Wed Nov 5 23:02:58 CET 2008

>> after the confusion on the last few days now i am happy to announce a
>> new version of the openmoko-panel-plugin. the panel-plugin is a little
>> peace of software to show and modify you the state of the hardware in
>> you freerunner(i.e. gsm, gps ...). it should work with any gtk based
>> windowmanager (i.e. xfce).

Thanks, this looks good and appears to be more reliable than the
previous version.  Here are some comments:
- you probably intend to add more config options, but currently most/all
  tabs only contain an "enable/disable" button.  That would be better
  served with a single "power" tab which collects the enable/disable
  buttons for every device.
- The "GPS off" icon doesn't use the read slashed circle contrary to
  all others.
- The tooltips seems to only say "on" or "off", so they really are
  useless (if not harmful) since that info is already given by the icon.
  So most of those tootips should be removed, or replaced with something
  useful (e.g. wifi network to which we're connected, whether we're
  connected to the internet, status of the battery, number of GPS
  satellites in view, ...).

>> *   power:
>> *     on short press: for now nothing happens
>> *     on longer press (>2 sec) window with buttons opens:
>> *       suspend (functional)
>> *       shutdown (for now non-functional)
>> *       close (closes window)
> This is a really nice feature but it collides with the zhone power
> button behaviour. When i run zhone and press the power button for >2s my

Indeed, I see exactly the problems you describe.  This said I don't like
zhone's power button, so I'd be happy to disable that one.

openmoko-panel-plugin is a lot better, tho I still think the power
button should mostly be bound to a form of "lock".  I.e. it could put
you in a "lock" mode where you can take several actions, one of which
being "unlock", others being "shutdown" or "suspend" (and the suspend
should be performed by default after 30s).  I.e. basically make your
menu a bit more difficult to use so it can double as a lock, rename
"close" to "unlock", and add a timeout that makes it suspend.

        Stefan "whose FR always wakes back up after a few seconds of suspend"

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