[QT Extended] Observersation on QtE 4.4.2 / found problems

Marcel Meyer meyerm-om01 at fs.tum.de
Thu Nov 6 14:18:59 CET 2008

Hi list,

(sorry, if the information in this mail comes doubled - I sent it first 
using a wrong sender email address. In case it is unlocked by some admin: 
apologies :-) )

I'd like to use this thread to add some problems I found so far. I won't 
repeat the ones I encountered which were already reported by others.

But let me start with some plaudit (and here I allow myself to repeat the 
positive statements from others)!

* The battery life is sooo much better. Standby for almost 2 days is now 
possible. That looks like the right way to go!

* GPRS is now (most of the time ;-) ) working! I can - albeit slow - now 
surf on my Freerunner.

* Sending SMS and calling seems to work. (Problems mentioned by other apply 
to me too (Echo, no ring tone, etc.) )

So thank you Trolls! (Always complaining without saying thank you is not 
very diplomatic, I think, right? *g* )

Now, let me outline my "new" problems.

* I'm not sure, if it was mentioned somewhere on the list. Just for 
completeness: the echo-problem applies to me. The other end hears its own 

* QtExtended (using the mw-kernel incl. modules) insists that I do not have 
a SIM card... "System Info", the application "SIM applications" and even 
the settings when I try to change my "Call Options" moan about a missing 
one. (I have an obviously working O2-3G-card from Germany.)

When I choose a contact out of the dialer application, some kind of text box 
pops up with the title "Phone Number" and the word "No" as single content. 
Only a non-functional "Cancel" in the button bar. The dialer then hangs, I 
can't do anything more in it. Pressing the AUX button brings me back to the 
home screen and the dialer app crashes (?) so I can restart.

Dialing manually works! Also choosing a contact wihtin the address book and 
then selecting "Call" is a way to call out. At least it should be pulled 
through! (I'm happy that it isn't in this case.) ;-)

* The most severe problem is not sth. as easily reproducible. I switched on 
my GPRS yesterday evening and choose "Always On" and "No Timeout" to let it 
be online over night. I want to have some XMPP-client to be always online 
on the phone some day.

When starting the browser this morning, I switched with the AUX button to 
look after some notes I added into the notes application. The browser 
seemed to kill itself (which looks like the default reaction of 
applications when I press AUX :-p ).

Now, the browser doesn't want to start anymore. It always complains about 
some internal error and closes itself (well, perhaps this is just a 
QtE-dialog telling me the called app segfaulted? Dunno). So I wanted to 
reboot to cleanse the memory.

The problem now is that QtE behaves strange. The battery indicator is 
showing that the battery is beeing loaded. Which it isn't of course. And 
despite the homescreen there is a text box overlayed with the instruction 
to enter my PIN and unlock it. The "Unlock" button is visible but 
non-functional. But that's it. There is _no_ input widget to enter my pin. 
Just the homescreen with the overlayed text box. Nothing reacts to any 
input despite pressing the power button for 8+ seconds. (Taking out the 
battery and waiting a few seconds didn't change anything.)

I can still ssh into the FR in this state if I connect the USB cable. CPU is 
bored (load under 0.1) so at least there is nothing running amok.

Phew, sorry for that long post. But I hope the long descriptions make it 
easier to understand what I want to describe in my clumsy english. ;-)

Have a nice day,

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