[debian] [FSO] zhone not working

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Thu Nov 6 16:31:32 CET 2008

> frameworkd is not able to run because of /etc/frameworkd.conf missing...
> how to fix it?

you did upgrade your debian, did you?
gizmo posted only a few days ago about the caveats of upgrades because of  
changes in frameworkd packages!


Now a more detailed story: because of the changes above, any upgrade
 From previous versions requires manual intervention.  This is caused by
the fact that the fso-frameworkd binary package does not install anymore
the general configuration file (/etc/frameworkd.conf), which is needed
for frameworkd to start.  However, to allow the fso-frameworkd package
installation, the fso-frameworkd init script does not produce any error
if it does not find /etc/frameworkd.conf.  Instead, it tells the user to
check the /usr/share/doc/fso-frameworkd/README.Debian file (attached at
the end of this mail as well).

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