QtExtended 4.4.2 Changes?

Marcel Meyer meyerm-om01 at fs.tum.de
Thu Nov 6 17:47:19 CET 2008

Am Mittwoch, 5. November 2008 schrieb Hypnotize:
> I just made a new image with the SystemRingTones folder included and
> change the rootfs to the one that is used in the Qt Extended 4.4.1 image.

Thank you very much! I just flashed it onto my FR. But when I test-called 
it, it rang (I _really_ have to change that sound ;-) ) and didn't stop 
when I hang up on the other side (without picking up on the FR). Means the 
other phone was idle again but the FR kept on rinning for several seconds 
(10? 20?). And it finished it by crashing *g*. QtE went away and only a 
console with a lot of ^@ was visible. Time for reset.


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