TangoGPS svn/git ?

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Fri Nov 7 07:42:21 CET 2008

El día Friday, November 07, 2008 a las 07:31:20PM +1300, Glen Ogilvie escribió:

> Hi,
> A friend and myself are planning on contribute to TangoGPS.  Looking for
> the git / svn repository we can pull the latest source from?   Does anyone 
> know if a repository for tangogps exists?  The latest on the tangogps.org 
> website is 0.9.3, release in march.
> Regards
> Glen Ogilvie


I don't know about the git / svn repository; but may I put something on
your bugfix list :-)

while porting tangoGPS 0.9.3 to FreeBSD 7.0R and using it against the
gpsd on my FR I encountered that the IP addr (and port) of the gpsd is
hardcoded to (in src/main.c); tangoGPS should respect what the
user before has configured as host for the gpsd; it does know it from
the gconf config file but you have to go to the config-tab in tangoGPS
and press there the button to make use of this IP addr;


btw: this is really cool GPS when you traveling around with your Linux
or FreeBSD based laptop (for example with the small eeePC 900) and
having the FR as your GPS device, but the maps of tangoGPS on your bigger
laptop screen!


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