GPG for SMS?

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Fri Nov 7 16:04:44 CET 2008

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Hello there,

i didn't work with qtopia-sdk or something like until now, so i
couldn't code something in qt(extended), but i've an idea; for more
security, it's possible to build gpg into the qtopia-sms-application
wich is in om 2008. sms/mms are a great securityhole now. with the fr,
it's could change! i think, if someone had a basic/good expirience
with coding in the openmoko, it didn't include much things to do,
because the basics exist.

sadly i havn't the time to code, and, how i said, not the expirience,
but i think, there could be someone with time, lust and expirience :)

hope, this idea could be usefull for the community. would be great, if
it's possible. :D


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