[QT Extended] Observersation on QtE 4.4.2 / found problems

Bastian Muck bastian.muck at gmx.de
Fri Nov 7 17:02:07 CET 2008

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I have to add a problem i encountered.
* I got a call from an no saved number which I wanted to save. When a
klick on "save to contact" the dialoge is shown if i want to create a
new contact. The "yes"-option seems not to work. The "no"-option does
only work if I press the AUX-button to quit the dialoge.

* To the problem with the incoming calls: The "Speakerphone"-mode is
used not everytime. Luckily you can switch to "Handset"-mode with the

* Indeed the speakervolume could be a bit louder. But I think I will
handle this by changing the statefile.

Greetings Bastian

Marcel Meyer schrieb:
> Hi list,
> (sorry, if the information in this mail comes doubled - I sent it first
> using a wrong sender email address. In case it is unlocked by some admin:
> apologies :-) )
> I'd like to use this thread to add some problems I found so far. I won't
> repeat the ones I encountered which were already reported by others.
> But let me start with some plaudit (and here I allow myself to repeat the
> positive statements from others)!
> * The battery life is sooo much better. Standby for almost 2 days is now
> possible. That looks like the right way to go!
> * GPRS is now (most of the time ;-) ) working! I can - albeit slow - now
> surf on my Freerunner.
> * Sending SMS and calling seems to work. (Problems mentioned by other
> to me too (Echo, no ring tone, etc.) )
> So thank you Trolls! (Always complaining without saying thank you is not
> very diplomatic, I think, right? *g* )
> Now, let me outline my "new" problems.
> * I'm not sure, if it was mentioned somewhere on the list. Just for
> completeness: the echo-problem applies to me. The other end hears its own
> voice.
> * QtExtended (using the mw-kernel incl. modules) insists that I do not
> a SIM card... "System Info", the application "SIM applications" and even
> the settings when I try to change my "Call Options" moan about a missing
> one. (I have an obviously working O2-3G-card from Germany.)
> When I choose a contact out of the dialer application, some kind of
text box
> pops up with the title "Phone Number" and the word "No" as single content.
> Only a non-functional "Cancel" in the button bar. The dialer then hangs, I
> can't do anything more in it. Pressing the AUX button brings me back to
> home screen and the dialer app crashes (?) so I can restart.
> Dialing manually works! Also choosing a contact wihtin the address book
> then selecting "Call" is a way to call out. At least it should be pulled
> through! (I'm happy that it isn't in this case.) ;-)
> * The most severe problem is not sth. as easily reproducible. I
switched on
> my GPRS yesterday evening and choose "Always On" and "No Timeout" to
let it
> be online over night. I want to have some XMPP-client to be always online
> on the phone some day.
> When starting the browser this morning, I switched with the AUX button to
> look after some notes I added into the notes application. The browser
> seemed to kill itself (which looks like the default reaction of
> applications when I press AUX :-p ).
> Now, the browser doesn't want to start anymore. It always complains about
> some internal error and closes itself (well, perhaps this is just a
> QtE-dialog telling me the called app segfaulted? Dunno). So I wanted to
> reboot to cleanse the memory.
> The problem now is that QtE behaves strange. The battery indicator is
> showing that the battery is beeing loaded. Which it isn't of course. And
> despite the homescreen there is a text box overlayed with the instruction
> to enter my PIN and unlock it. The "Unlock" button is visible but
> non-functional. But that's it. There is _no_ input widget to enter my pin.
> Just the homescreen with the overlayed text box. Nothing reacts to any
> input despite pressing the power button for 8+ seconds. (Taking out the
> battery and waiting a few seconds didn't change anything.)
> I can still ssh into the FR in this state if I connect the USB cable.
CPU is
> bored (load under 0.1) so at least there is nothing running amok.
> Phew, sorry for that long post. But I hope the long descriptions make it
> easier to understand what I want to describe in my clumsy english. ;-)
> Have a nice day,
> Marcel
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