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arne anka schrieb:
>> sms/mms are a great securityhole now. with the fr,
> how's that?
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because they are uncrypt. and the gsm-connection isn't secure, some
peoble written a programm, wich could crack this connection in 5-10

>echo a > a
>gpg --encrypt a
>already produces a file with 337 bytes. SMS only does 160 characters
>(I have forgotten how many octets it is). So you'd probably want to
>use symmetric cipher?

ok, this is a real problem. i didn't think on it. but i think, a
reason is possible in some way (not gpg)..

there is a programm, wich could crypt sms, but it's not gpl. it is
open source, but just the demo-version is free for downloads and use.

another con is the art of smscrypt is, it's send and recive the sms's
and does all the things. i think, it's much easier if the peoble could
use the qtopia-application, because the community does develop ever
and make it from self better, and it's also integrated. so if you just
could click "encrypt" as an option. in my eyes, this is more usefull.

a alternative to use gpg could be the e-mailpart of the application.
it's possible to send mails over gsm, so there it's possible. what do
you think about?

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