Yet Another OpenMoko Presentation

Tim Dobson lists at
Sat Nov 8 01:24:56 CET 2008

Recently, I helped do a talk at my local free software group[1] about 
Openmoko/Neo Freerunner etc. (video coming soon!) for which I wrote a 
short presentation, five minutes before it started.

It wasn't very good, but it got a message across - a message that a 
Freerunner + FDOM = a smartphone that worked as a smartphone.

Today, I sat down and went through the presentation, improved it a bit, 
and put it more into the style I like to do presentations in. :)

You can find my improved presentation, available under CC-BY-SA 3.0 at:

My apologies to the developers and users of anything which isn't FDOM, 
you guys do an amazing job on your projects and I don't give you enough 
I'm sorry.

Keep on innovating and doing cool stuff! :)



P.S. My original presentation and other things can be found at


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