[Om2008.9] hints and results about using GPS on/with FR

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at gmail.com
Sat Nov 8 04:45:30 CET 2008

2008/11/7 Matthias Apitz <guru at unixarea.de>:
>   # opkg install gpsd
>   # opkg install http://www.tangogps.org/downloads/tangogps_0.9.3-r1_armv4t.ipk
>   # opkg install openmoko-agpsui
>   # opkg install gpsdcontrol_0.3_all.opk
>   The last one (gpsdcontrol) removes the starting of the 'gpsd' from the boot
>   run-level, which is a good idea at all for saving power;

which repo is gpsdcontrol in? i'm running 2008.9 and it's not found by opkg

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