Optimization team update (11/02 ~ 11/08)

Petr Vanek vanous at penguin.cz
Sat Nov 8 12:28:32 CET 2008

>Hi community,

Hi John Lee, thank you for the great update :) Great work, thank you!
I haven't tried yet but today want to download the testing "quick boot
image" from last week to see the difference :)

>Jeremy looked into the two issues about suspend/resume that we may fix
>in userspace.  One is #1991, here is his update:
>Another one #1347 is about after the resume, it goes to suspend

While you are working on suspend is there any plan to look at the WSOD
- #1841? Lately, even dimming causes WSOD so not only that suspend
isn't possible but even dim is not an option anymore... there is no way
to conserve the batteries... and this makes the FR even less usable as
a device for PDA (not even talking phone yet).

As this constant energy draw (often all the way down to 0V) actually
kills the battery really quickly. i really hope a fix will be available
before our batteries get badly damaged by this...


Petr Vanek

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