WSOD (ticket #1841) (unofficial) survey question

Greg lunved at
Sun Nov 9 11:06:22 CET 2008


I am one of those who are affected by the WSOD issue. Until about 2 months 
ago, I was never affected by it, but now if my display is "blanked" for over 
15 minutes I get the WSOD.

After looking over the comments in the WSOD ticket and considering my own 
experience, I am wondering is this not a damage issue.  You see, around 2 
months ago my phone was knocked from my hand onto the pavement.  At the time 
I considered myself lucky that the screen did not crack, and noticed no 
issues.  But two comments in the ticket history got my wondering: The first 
is a comment by "leachim" that the problem went away after the physical 
display screen was replaced; and the second was a comment by "jurg" saying 
that he stopped seeing the WSOD if he kept the phone "warm".

My phone does not exhibit the WSOD problem if it is warm.  I did this test by 
leaving the phone on top of a cheap DVD player which has a warm patch, 
suspending the phone for an hour, resuming, suspending for 3 hours, resuming, 
removing the phone from the heat source, suspending for 1 hour and resuming.  
The WSOD problem only manifested only the final resume.  Without heat, the 
WSOD issue always mainfiests after 15 minutes or more of screen blanking.  I 
used "suspend" to make sure that the screen is blanked, but I don't believe 
suspend/resume is the cause - I think it is related to blanking.

I previously have found and fixed mechanical faults with electrical systems 
that present or disappear with heat as components come into or out of contact 
due to heating, so I am wondering if there is a possible damage issue here.

My question is:  For those of you who experience the WSOD issue: Have you ever 
dropped your phone?

If you would be so kind as to reply off-list, I'll post the results in a week.



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