[debian] openmoko-panel-plugin 0.5

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at gmx.net
Sun Nov 9 14:22:45 CET 2008

Christian Adams wrote:
> Am 08.11.2008 um 12:14 schrieb Fox Mulder:
>> Sebastian Ohl wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> On Fri, 2008-11-07 at 10:15 -0500, Stefan Monnier wrote:
>>>> BTW, I also noticed that the USB icon (and corresponding control
>>>> panel) disappeared here.  Is that intentional?
>>> The usb icon vanished because we don't get it working as indented.  
>>> You still
>>> can't switch the usb modes... but sudo should be a good solution the
>>> deal with the permission problems. may be next version...
>> What exactly is the problem with switching usb mode?
>> I can switch between device and host mode in the console without
>> problems. Only the gadget things doesn't work right at the moment.
>> Isn't it possible to just implement the switch between usb device and
>> host mode with altering the corresponsing sysfs files like done manual
>> in the console?
> when i included usb icon in the older version it was just to show  
> what i had in mind but it never had any functionallity.
> we currently are unable to 'rmmod g_file_storage' which i wanted to  
> use .. :/
> if you want i for sure could give you the usb-icon with a switch to  
> change between device and host mode

I think this would be a nice feature. At the moment i made two shell
scripts to do this, but it would be easier to do this with your panel
plugin. And when the g_file_storage module removal works it could just
be added to the usb icon. :)


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