GPG for SMS?

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rhn schrieb:
> Od: Timo Juhani Lindfors <timo.lindfors at>
>> rhn <rhn at> writes:
>>> About calls - I remember I saw a documentary in which the calls
>>>  interfered with TV sets, which allowed to hear the
>>> conversations. That would imply unencrypted.
>> That sounds quite unlikely, even if you had configured your GSM
>> to send the data without encryption how would your analog TV set
>> decompress the digital (and compressed) audio stream?
> It might have been a hoax as well. If I remember it right, it was
> the operator's fault. From the video footage, only some words were
> understandable. On the other hand, I remember watching "encoded"
> audio + video from a locked channel with a satellite tuner. The
> quality is *very* poor, but it can be understood at times.
> I believe nowadays TV sets are sold with the circuitry to decode
> digital data (the switching to digital land infrastructure), but I
> don't remember if it was the case there.
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it isn't just a operator-fault.
i read a article about this group. they could crack gsm-connection's
in 2 hours without some cleartext. another issue in my eyes is the
possibility of the provider to listen all calls, read all sms.

i think, it isn't so much work to make a symetric crypt-possibility
for special peoble as example (person a say's person b the code
directly, so both ore more "invited" peoble's know the key and could
encode/decode the messenges)..

in my eyes, security is very important, and privacy in the
mobile-phone-world doesn't exist. if i had enough time and expirience,
i would programm by myself, but until i had this, it's could been 1-3
years later. :/

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