minimo segfaults when surfing to ssl sites with non-standard ports

"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at
Mon Nov 10 00:44:39 CET 2008

Peter Nijs wrote:
> To be able to use the wireless lan in my college I have to authenticate myself 
> thrue an ssl encrypted site. When I use minimo for that (the only browser 
> that knows something about ssl on the freerunner) it segfaults.
> Attached to this mail is the output file of #wget . You 
> can see the browser will be redirected to an ssl-encrypted site on port 8081, 
> at which point minimo segfaults. I don't get the chance to see the 
> authentication form.
> When I am completely connected to the internet and i surf to a self hosted 
> ssl-site on port 44344 it also segfaults.
> This is particularly nasty because now I can't use the internet at all in my 
> college. Does anybody know where I should start looking for a solution, or 
> anybody who knows a workaround to get authenticated?

I have this too. It seems an issue linked to the libcurl/libgnutls
libraries in OpenEmbedded (or Openmoko).

Give a look to this [1].


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