Openmoko cronology

David Samblas david at
Mon Nov 10 00:56:26 CET 2008

I want to do a presentation for next friday and one of the point I want
to reflex is the quick evolution of the Openmoko project but I realize
there is no place with a clear cronologie so I will try to post things I
have found spreaded in wiki, press releases and over the web to try to
have some kind of time line.

? 2006 Openmoko was anounced by his founder FIC
Nov 2006 Openmoko annouce the Neo1973
Jul 2007 Neo1973 out to the real world
Jan 2008 Openmoko announce the Neo FreeRunner
Feb 2008 Last Neo1973 sold from Openmoko
Jun 2008 Neo FreeRunner Hits the real world
Jul 2008 FSO milestone 2
Aug 2008 OM2008.8, Debian on Freerunner, Qtopia 4.3.2, Schematics
Sep 2008 FSO milestone 3, FDOM, NeoTool, Gentoo, Gestures,
Oct 2008 Qt Extended 4.4.1, OM2008.9,, more than 7 web
browsers, rasteman illume images,QI,Duke3d, Pingus
Nov 2008 Android beta image, FDOMizer, QT EXtended 4.4.2, Doom

Help will be apreciated I want to matain it as simple as posible to
presentetation but a more detailed on in the wiki will be awesome to

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