[FSO] Stability and other problems

Christoph Simolka christoph.simolka at elabb.de
Mon Nov 10 10:18:16 CET 2008


I received my Freerunner about 3 Months ago. Because of the software
status I just played around with different distros but didn't use it as
a phone.

This weekend my old phone went out of battery and didn't start anymore
(yes.. this also happens to non-freerunners ;) )

So i decided to cange my simcard and put it into the freerunner.

I flased it with yesterdays FSO (09-11-08). First impression was good,
zone started, I entered my pin and registered to "Interkom" (O2 Germany)

I was able to receive and make test-calls. But now.. after one day of
usage.. I've got a lot of small problems.

The most important for now:

- I can suspend by pressing the power button, but when i resume with the
power-Button, zhone displays its graphical suspend-feedbeck step1. I
have to press power another few seconds to get rid of this.
- The phone wakes up on incoming calls, but: zhone displays this
feedback-thing again. The phone keeps ringing, but it doesn't react on
the power button to get rid of the feedback-thing, and it doesn't react
on touchscreen-presses to answer the call. -> I can't send the phone to
suspend-state if I want to be able to receive calls.
- I send it to suspend yesterday evening. When I woke up today morning,
the phone was on, I had a enlightmend crash-message and I wasn't
connected to O2 anymore. When I clicked on "recover" enlightment keeped
crashing, I had to poweroff and restart my freerunner.
- Today I got some incoming calls.. at leased one of them was almost
unable to understand me because of the "echo"

The echo might be because of some unusable alsa states.. the phone
sounds like with the hands-free option turned on, everyone in the same
room can listen to the call. How can I change this?

Are there any patches / workarounds for the other problems?

Christoph Simolka

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