Openmoko chronology

Minh Ha Duong haduong at
Mon Nov 10 10:39:08 CET 2008


 I think openmoko-the-project was founded not by FIC but by a core team 
comprising a handfull of german devs (Sean, I guess Harald, and others but 
the "The original core team" page was deleted from the wiki on Sep. 2, 2008). 
You could try to contact one of them for a 10mn phone interview.

If I may suggest an angle for your story, beyond listing software releases 
(btw I would not count Qi in yet), what I find most fascinating is how a 
small player can live and prosper in the middle of well entrenched giants. 
They/we are heading straight towards Apple and Microsoft marketspace, on the 
shoulders of FIC, with Nokia and Swisscom pushing to help, and Google playing 
the game with a hidden hand too.

  Otherwise don't miss the "Dash Express" deal:
my guess is that was a key early success to the company.

  I also expect the significance of the Koolu deal to be clearer before the 
end of the year (they must be NDAed to the ears), so if you have a 'future' 
section in your talk, don't forget them.


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