GPG for SMS?

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Mon Nov 10 11:42:02 CET 2008

One might consider alternative (weaker) encryption of SMS which do not
result increased number of characters compared to the original text.

Also for texting on openmoko/android/qtextended an SMS module could be
build. Huffman encoding could be used to increase the number characters
per SMS and have at the same time (very weak) encryption.

The weak encryption and most importantly increase of number of characters
for me is interesting enough. In order to implement this or any other
encryption succesfully, the address book on before mentioned platforms
should be able to store a key or setting of anykind that encryption for
that recipient is possible.

On Mon, November 10, 2008 10:30, rhn wrote:
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> Od: Vinzenz Hersche <hersche at>
>> i read a article about this group. they could crack gsm-connection's
>> in 2 hours without some cleartext. another issue in my eyes is the
>> possibility of the provider to listen all calls, read all sms.
> That's an interesting project!
>> i think, it isn't so much work to make a symetric crypt-possibility
>> for special peoble as example (person a say's person b the code
>> directly, so both ore more "invited" peoble's know the key and could
>> encode/decode the messenges)..
> I believe this could work in a public key architecture - the symmetric key
> would be sent using GPG beforehand, symmetric key used later.
>> in my eyes, security is very important, and privacy in the
>> mobile-phone-world doesn't exist. if i had enough time and expirience,
>> i would programm by myself, but until i had this, it's could been 1-3
>> years later. :/
> There's Paroli in its early stages of development, needing developers, I
> guess they should be asked whether someone wants to implement this. I have
> more or less the same problem - not having enough time to do everything I
> would like to. But if there's enough people wanting to implement this (as
> a part of paroli or anything else), I will switch my priorities to be able
> to help.
> rhn
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