Booting from large microSD (SDHC) [success]

Alastair Johnson alastair at
Mon Nov 10 12:39:52 CET 2008

Lothar Behrens wrote:
> Thanks,
> I had some more look about other cards about 8GB, but if there are more 
> users having success,
> I will buy this card.

I'm successfully multi-booting with a Sandisk 8GB card. I don't remember 
the model number and it's not printed on the card. Uboot says this about 
it. The incorrect size reposted doesn't cause any problems.

GTA02v5 # mmcinit
Card Type:          SD 2.0 SDHC
Manufacturer:       0x03, OEM "SD"
Product name:       "SU08G", revision 8.0
Serial number:      552978875
Manufacturing date: 7/2008
MMC/SD size:        3MiB

> Especially when the eaten MBR problem was only once a problem. Was it ?

It hasn't happened to me so far. Either it's fixed or I've just been lucky.

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