WSOD (ticket #1841) (unofficial) survey question

grslmpf nabble_openmoko at
Mon Nov 10 13:12:54 CET 2008

I am also affected by the WSOD and read many about it.
So I try several things and figured out that WSOD is gone if I keep the
freerunner over 30°C AND suspend it by the power button.
If I dont switch of dimming and automatic suspend - everytime the WSOD will
I can imagine this happens because some kind of signal levels are to close
at their specifications. Digital IO seems to work whole time but what about
Part R1813 & R1814 seems to be used as "level shifter" (from 3,3V to Glamos
1,8V?) at RST#.
Such kind of "level shifter" are little bit problematic - poor performance
and bad timing. If the RST could not raised fast enough - mayby the glamo
If i had the datasheet i would dive into this point...

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