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last week I told you a bit about the paroli project and what happened so
I want to keep you updated and maybe bring a little more light into the
darkness surrounding paroli.

There where two main tasks for the past week:

a) make paroli run within tichy

b) make tichy display edje objects rather than using plain etk

Those two were more or less successfully attacked.
Many of the functions paroli is supposed to provide are already
available in tichy such as the dialer for example. However there are
only implementations using etk which is not what we want.
A very rough implementation of edje can be seen by checking out the
paroli svn[1] and following the faq.

Another thing that was looked at was the launcher in tichy. The plan is
to enable the user to start tichy plugins from the Illume launcher
rather than the tichy launcher. For this the svn also contains a
replacement launcher which checks for available plugins and generates
desktop files for illume. These are also visible but so far have no
function. The plan is to have those files issue a dbus signal which is
then picked up by tichy and opens the requested plugin which is then

In short it would look something like:

*phone booting

*tichy starting (includes edje bindings, fso, check of desktop files
etc) and listening for dbus calls

*a user clicks on a desktop file

*tichy picks up signal and starts application

*when application is closed, window is destroyed but tichy keeps on running

In case tichy is not running when the user clicks on an icon it starts
first and then displays the plugin.

How does this sound?


Note: All the files in the svn are highly developemental and have only
proof-of-concept status.

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