FSO M4 - nice GSM sound

Peter Mogensen apm at bigendian.dk
Tue Nov 11 21:20:54 CET 2008

Warren Baird wrote:
> I haven't tried FSO yet - maybe I should now - but I've been using 
> QTExtended 4.4.2 for a bit over a week now, and it seems to be much more 
> responsive - when I was running the 2008.8 based images I regularly 
> missed calls because by the time the phone started to ring, my voice 
> mail had already picked up.   With QtE, I haven't had that problem.

Qtopia 4.4.2 crashed before I could to answer my first call.
Anyway... I had it only installed to see the changes.

On the other hand... FSO4 managed to send all my SMS messages back to
their sender tonight. ... you have been warned: Think carefully before
pressing any buttons :)

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