OM Testing: task-openmoko-qtopia-x11 has unsatisfied gstreamer depencies

Holger Freyther zecke at
Wed Nov 12 02:56:14 CET 2008

Am 10.11.2008 um 09:51 schrieb Ray Chao:

> Hi Martin,
> Due to the license issue, it seems we took out a package and this is  
> the
> reason gstreamer failed to install.  And we couldn't distribute this
> anymore.

Wrong. Please package Qtopia again.

bitbake -cinstall -f qtopia-phone-x11 (on stable and testing). And  
then the normal autobuild should create new packages and the upload  
should work as well(tm).

And as the term license was dropped:
	- We do not  have packages for SMPEG, mad, mpg123, mpg321, ffmep  
(maybe later), sid, ac52, lame anymore (you can build them yourself  
using OE). If you are upset, please support the FSF on the struggle  
against Software Patents.


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