[FSO][M4] Missing Components?

Eric Olson eric at ericanddebbie.com
Wed Nov 12 06:55:53 CET 2008

I believe it depends on which image you install.  zhone came installed 
on the openmoko-fso-image-glibc-ipk... image I installed.

"fso-illume-image" and "fso-console-image" probably come without zhone 

I'm using a neo1973, so there's a slight chance the behavior on the 
freerunner images is slightly different.


SCarlson wrote:
>  Hello Everyone --
> I've just flashed 
> openmoko-fso-illume-image-glibc-ipk--20081111-om-gta02.rootfs.jffs2  and its
> accompanying uImage. The machine loads, and I see Alarm,Snapshot,Terminal
> icons.  Zhone does not run.(even after several reboots).  I could not find
> it on the filesystem with (find | grep zhone)(from root). Am I missing
> something here? I'm probably missing something horribly obvious, so I'd
> thought I'd ask.
> Thanks in Advance,
> SCarlson

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