[Qt Extended] [RFC] Patch for comments *only* to enable echo suppression in 4.4.2

Damien Thébault damien.thebault at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 09:06:51 CET 2008

On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 08:35, Chris Samuel <chris at csamuel.org> wrote:
> To do that I abstracted the existing AT commands into a
> single function and then called that from (I hope) the
> phone initialisation, wake from suspend and hanging up
> or aborting an incoming call.
> The patch compiled first time but I've discovered that I've
> left my USB cable behind and so can't test it (luckily I've
> brought the charger with me!).
> I've posted this for comments only because:
> 1) I'm not a programmer
> 2) I don't know C++ (just B and C)
> 3) I've no idea if what I've done covers all the necessary
> points it needs to be set at..
> 4) I don't want to risk destroying anyone elses phone!
> So take a look at what I've done and comment on it please.

First, I think that the patch for the header file is missing.

And I don't know how this is done elsewhere in the QtE source code,
but using the class name to call (even static) methods is not mandatory
when it's in the same class (i.e. it's possible to use "echoCancel()"
instead of "NeoCallProvider::echoCancel()").

Sorry, but I can't comment on other points ;)

Damien Thebault

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