[Om2008.9] How to power off Wifi?

Alex Oberhauser oberhauseralex at networld.to
Wed Nov 12 22:18:43 CET 2008

On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 10:24:24AM +0200, Margo Koppelmann wrote:
> I have the same question: how do i turn off wifi? I'm using FDOM and after
> using wifi I do "ifdown eth0" and then turn wifi off in Config -> Settings
> and then I turn it off in Config -> Services, but the little wifi icon in
> the top panel still remains and the battery empties about 3 times faster
> than usual. I have to restart my Freerunner everytime after I use wifi to
> get the normal state back. Is it really impossible to turn the wifi off?

I don't know exactly how it works under FDOM/2008.x, but under FSO you have
the possibility to power off the devices (not only the wifi, also GSM, GPS and
bluetooth) over D-Bus. I think there is a similar way in FDOM/2008.x. Another
possible is to power it down manually (something under /proc/..., I have the
exact path not in mind).

For the power down of all devices which are able to send/receive I have
written today a prototype as shell script and an more advanced in python. Is
the first step toward the flight modus. Is there any plan in this direction?
A few months ago I have read about it in the WIKI.


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