WSOD (ticket #1841) (unofficial) survey question

Petr Vanek vanous at
Thu Nov 13 16:50:04 CET 2008

On Thu, 13 Nov 2008 09:03:53 +0000
>They can reflect the same underlying issue, GPIO control of Glamo pins
>that talk to the ASIC in the LCM is broken somehow / sometimes.
>| That "level shifter" is definitely evil, if you pop the can and
>touch it | with a scope probe it hard resets the Glamo, as you would
>expect with | such high source impedence.  Other things seem to be
>able to make spikes | on it too somehow.  But to be fair to it I never
>saw it make a failure | in normal operation, only during suspend /
>resume time. |
>|> I am creating/programm for years yC based designs and not long ago
>I've seen
>|> some similar thing.
>|> The schematic worked perfect and sometimes only partly.  I thought
>little |> gremlins must be in there - but the result was only two
>resistors wich |> drives some parts to close to their specifications.
>Yes as I say it is "definitely evil".  But I think we can work around
>it since we never see it reset in normal operation -->
>| In stable-tracking we work around this by always hard resetting the
>| Glamo on resume ourselves on the basis there can have been an
>| uncontrolled reset in the meanwhile.

When i observe booting process the screen first shows the NAND (NOR)
menu, then NAN read, kernel (or instead it reads Openmoko) then goes
clear bright white (as WSOD) for a while and then kernel messages. Then
(this is the interesting part) goes blank all together and then only X
server starts and the rest. During this blank period the WSOD does not
happen and i wonder why... although perhaps this is because the screen
is probably not completely dark but stays grayish?


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