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Sam Kuper sam.kuper at uclmail.net
Thu Nov 13 17:53:52 CET 2008

2008/11/13 Cédric Berger <cedric.berger74 at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> Is it possible to copy/paste in Android ?

On my G1, some applications permit cut/copy/paste, but only - as far as I
can tell, within the app :(

> If yes, is it possible do do it without keyboard ?

The UI varies with the app. Some use the 'Menu' key to access this
functionality. Some use a long screenpress (a bit like Windows Mobile, in
case you've used that). Haven't had much time to explore this, as only got
my G1 yesterday (free upgrade from previous WinMo phone!).

> And if copy/paste is possible, this means that we could use a software
> keyboard app to write text, copy it, then paste into another
> application text field... or not ?

I don't know, but I really hope it's possible.

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