[FSO][M4] DOOM Running slow.

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at gmx.net
Thu Nov 13 20:57:12 CET 2008

I think the debug output would be very helpfull. When the doom menu
appears the log says that the demo starts running but the screen never
changes. It freezes at the menu where to select new game, options and so
on. The behaviour is the same if i try it with framebuffer or xglamo and
with or without rotate/resize.


SCarlson wrote:
> I haven't had a chance to install Debian and test Doom yet. I can say that I
> had to use special patched binary of XGlamo for the scaling of the
> touchscreen to work. If the game is running, but you can do anything (i.e.
> demo is running) then I would assume that the touchscreen is not reporting
> valid x,y coordinates. So I would say you may be subject to bug #1244 . Not
> sure if someone has patched this for debian's xglamo package.
> Let me know if this helps? We can add some debug output and test on your
> system if you'd like. (That way we could see for sure what reported x,y
> values are being used.
> Scott
> On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 1:25 PM, Fox Mulder (via Nabble) <
> ml-user+63315-1834322538 at n2.nabble.com<ml-user%2B63315-1834322538 at n2.nabble.com>
>> wrote:
>> SCarlson wrote:
>>>  I've noticed extremely slow performance while running Doom on FSO M4. I
>>> tracked it down to the accelerometer code. (I turned off accel control in
>>> the opendoom.cfg file and that fixed the speed issue). The code basically
>>> opens /dev/event3 and reads from this. Should I be approaching the
>>> accelerometer interface differently?? It is running horribly slow, can
>>> anyone else confirm this?
>>> I've also noticed running from desktop on the phone is also very slow
>> with
>>> accel turned off as well. When running a similar startup script from ssh,
>> it
>>> runs full speed (accel still turned off).
>>> Is there anything obvious here regarding the way FSO operates that could
>>> cause this? I'd like to discover the cause and implement a solution
>> quickly.
>>> (Do I need to be on DBUS requesting the resources I need/want?)
>> Have you found the problem why doom isn't running on debian on fr?
>> I read people writing about it running and i still can't run doom. :(
>> I'm still stuck at the initial doom menu screen where nothing anymore
>> happens. I even installed xglamo and did resize and rotate the screen
>> but this didn't make any difference for the initial problem.
>> Ciao,
>>      Rainer
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