[SHR] gsm call tests: echo is there again

Franky Van Liedekerke liedekef at telenet.be
Thu Nov 13 22:02:05 CET 2008


here are some of my experiences when a sim card is inserted. I know
this is a preview release, so probably some things are already known
and being worked upon. Here are the tests (and the echo issue):

- it takes very long before the SIM pin dialog appears (I was already
believing this wasn't working when all of the sudden it was there)
- the font size of the numbers for the pin dialog are very small
compared to the button sizes
- the contact app reacts very slow when going down/up in the list by
dragging the slidebar down/up (not the arrows)
- the sms app has no interaction with the contact app, it would be nice
to be able to select from the lists of contacts
- when calling somebody, the bottom buttons ("end", "speaker" and
something else) have also very small fonts being used
- when calling somebody, the button "speaker" doesn't do anything

But, most importantly: when calling somebody, the other party has a
very strong echo ...

Also: I don't see to which provider I'm connected, the battery icon
doesn't show the battery percentage (like in FSO M4) and - as already
mentioned - there seems to be no gui for date/time settings.

Again: except for the echo issue, these are not really showstoppers,
but usability thingies. But since the alarm app now basically works
(except for the features I already talked about in another mail), this
release is getting close, very close of being a hit for me!


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