Illume home screen subfolders?

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Fri Nov 14 01:41:18 CET 2008

On Thu, 13 Nov 2008 17:04:36 +0100 "Leonti Bielski" <prishelec at>

> Hello!
> Now, that we have a lot of apps it´s impossible to put them all onto
> Home screen in illume.
> In FDOM it´s solved by some kind of GTK application - when you click
> on GPS icon it shows you a new window in which you can choose an
> application you want.
> But it doesn´t look native.
> Is something like this planned for enlightenment? For example - at the
> home screen you see icons like Phone, Config, Internet, Multimedia,
> etc. When you click at one of the icons you get second screen like
> Home, but only with Phone application (for example) and the button
> "Back".
> I know it´s just a cosmetic question, but right now it doesnt look
> good for me if I see Alarm application close to File Manager.

as such the icons in illume/e are just the filemanager - but i chose to flatten
it and not make it have subfolders to keep it simple. i don't intend to work on
that as i have other plans that need to change a lot of the code structure
(desktop will move more to multiple gadgets with gadman and so on where a
launcher is just one of several gadgets).

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