[SHR] gsm call tests: echo is there again

Julien Cassignol ainulindale at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 02:48:25 CET 2008

First of all, as SHR hasn't been released yet, could you please mail
your comments to the shr-devel mailing list?
I don't want to confuse users, here, SHR isn't released yet, it's
early work, it has to be perfected.

On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 10:02 PM, Franky Van Liedekerke
<liedekef at telenet.be> wrote:

> - it takes very long before the SIM pin dialog appears (I was already
> believing this wasn't working when all of the sudden it was there)

This is due to the length of some frameworkd loading, and to the inner
timeouts in ophonekitd. Unfortunately, it'll be hard to do better as
of now.

> - the font size of the numbers for the pin dialog are very small
> compared to the button sizes

This sometimes happen, this is a known bug, and will be addressed.

> - the contact app reacts very slow when going down/up in the list by
> dragging the slidebar down/up (not the arrows)

Felt that too. There's already a ticket open for the '"sluggish" feeling.

> - the sms app has no interaction with the contact app, it would be nice
> to be able to select from the lists of contacts

This is on our TODO list.

> - when calling somebody, the bottom buttons ("end", "speaker" and
> something else) have also very small fonts being used

Again, this sometimes happen. We're addressing the issue.

> - when calling somebody, the button "speaker" doesn't do anything

Yes it does :-) It's supposed to put the speaker mode, it works well here...

> Also: I don't see to which provider I'm connected, the battery icon
> doesn't show the battery percentage (like in FSO M4) and - as already
> mentioned - there seems to be no gui for date/time settings.

Date/time : no gui yet.
Battery : We're using a more recent version of illume than FSO M4 if I
recall correctly. I'll check that.
Regarding the provider, there was bug in illume GSM gadget in
correlation with frameworkd MS4 at the time we built the image. That's
why we disabled the gadget.

> Again: except for the echo issue, these are not really showstoppers,
> but usability thingies. But since the alarm app now basically works
> (except for the features I already talked about in another mail), this
> release is getting close, very close of being a hit for me!

We'll look into this issue (echo) with the FSO team!

Julien Cassignol

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