Optimization team update (11/09 ~ 11/15)

John Lee john_lee at openmoko.com
Fri Nov 14 11:30:41 CET 2008

Dear community,

We're heading toward the next release of Om2008 now.  The current bug
list could be obtained by custom query keyword 'Om2008.11' on
docs.openmoko.org.  Our team will work on some of the tickets, smooth
out minor issues so the testing team could have time to test and
hopefully release before the end of this month.

To be more specific, we are working on the following tickets:

#69 speed up system initialization:  Olv will merge his improvement
 into testing repo next week.

#1489 sometimes volume is too low during a call: Tick will implement a
 volume control in qtopia dialer.

#2031 scroll list implementation: Tick will improve etk_scroll_list to
 fit our designer's idea.

#2113 suspend time come up right after you change the time: Jeremy
 will look into this.

Other then that: Erin will keep looking into qtopia.  Julian needs to
study more about the python loader.


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