Buzzing (was :The forbidden topic: Glamo OpenGL)

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Fri Nov 14 17:36:06 CET 2008

Jacob Peterson wrote:
> I know the buzzing issue had quite a bit of attention from the Openmoko
> team, judging from watching the traffic on the Hardware and Kernel mailing
> lists.  So I don't think they have given up on that, but it doesn't seem
> like there is any set solution for current devices, only anecdotal reports
> of alsa volume tweaks.

I've not actually suffered the infamous buzzing, my problem was that, mostly
on incoming calls, the other party had their words echoed back to them at
full volume a second or so after they spoke. One of the 2008 updates fixed
it, but then it came back in the next one. I've tried using various folks'
gsmhandset.state files to no avail, in fact some of them killed sound
altogether. Android doesn't seem to suffer from it, but of course I've only
been able to make outgoing calls.
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